You’re addicted. Hopelessly, utterly and completely addicted to information, and there is science to prove it. If you don’t believe me stop reading this article right now. …….That’s what I thought, but take heart, admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery. The term Internet addict is not something that is usually taken seriously. Sure, you probably have a friend, or a friend of friend that is known to sequester themselves in their house for days on end going from chat room to chat room, blog to blog in an internet frenzy. But, what about you?  According to USC Neuroscientist, Irving Bierdman, we are all hard wired to constantly seek new information. His research suggests that when we encounter new and exiting information we are given a dose of morphine like chemicals, called opioids, from neurotransmitters in our brain, putting us in a euphoric state. 7. The problem is, now that we have the Internet, we have access to one of our favorite drugs, information, at a level that is unparalleled in human history. That juicy celebrity gossip blog is no more nutritious than that chocolate truffle you’ve been eyeing for the last 5 minutes and no less tempting. What’s your poison? Business news, gadgets, academic papers, fashion? No matter what it is, you can get the latest info anytime, anywhere via the World Wide Web, feeding your addiction and adding to your increasingly Choice Choked state. Information obesity, is similar to a hopelessly cluttered house, now that you have all this stuff, what do you do with it?  When you look at the increasing number of gadgets we are developing that enable us to stay connected to the Internet and the applications that they are capable of, our addiction becomes obvious, and there does not seem to be a cure in sight.


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