Voda phone launched a beta version of a new image based search engine for the cell phone called Otello. The trial run involves the German newspaper Bild. Capture an image from the paper and plug it into Otello and the article, or traditional text query results, will be sent to your phone. The company envisions the search engine being used with book covers, billboards, and advertisements. The engines database is a little skimpy for the moment. When unveiling the product, German Chancellor Angela Merkel attempted to use her own image and found nothing. Once elaborated, new and purely visual forms of advertising become possible, expanding the creative options of designers. The possibility of completely visual advertising encourages the consumer to explore products and information they are comfortable with and curious about, avoiding the coercive aspects of more traditional textcentric ads. Despite its humble beginnings, the technology brings mobile information gathering to a new level and gives us another way to satisfy our curiosity instantly wherever we are.

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