Antarctica, satellite images of the Wilkins Ice Shelf strengthen the case for the existence of global warming. Scientists were shocked to discover a massive break up in the ice shelf, during a routine inspection of satellite photographs of the region. In an interview with the BBC, Professor David Vaughan of the British Atlantic survey said,” I didn't expect to see things happen this quickly. The ice shelf is hanging by a thread – we'll know in the next few days or weeks what its fate will be."
Artic scientists organized an air reconnaissance mission so that a first hand survey and visual record of the area could be made. Jim Elliot, after observing the extent damage from the air, had this to say, "Big hefty chunks of ice, the size of small houses, look as though they've been thrown around like rubble – it's like an explosion."
The ice shelf remains in jeopardy and scientists can only watch and wait as events unfold. Even if the ice shelf completely disintegrates, it will not cause the ocean levels to rise, because the ice shelf floats upon the water. However, there is a strong possibility that the ice that sits upon the land, which is being held on by the floating ice shelf, could become dislodged and fall into the ocean if the Wilkins shelf does in fact dissolve. If that was to happen, sea levels would be affected, but the magnitude and timetable of this potential rise remains unknown.

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