As much as I don't want this to come off disgusting and somewhat funny at the same time, I think it's probably going to end up being both. So let's stretch out idea of Flexible Flux a little bit, wrap our head around something strange and see where it goes. When you're in China, if you're a dog, you better pray to whatever dogs pray to that you're cute and fuzzy; otherwise you'll end up on a menu. Following Japan, the UK, and the USA in the trend of micro dogs as pets, you can bet they'll end up in pet shop windows, purses and pet carriers all over the city (probably dressed in pink too). But what happens to the big dogs, the ugly ones, and the ones who outgrow the cute phase? Well let's just call it "fragrant meat". Dog meat is said to be full of medicinal betterments and effects, and improve blood circulation in winter. What's more interesting than this, is that if you question someone on if they would eat their dog, they’ll say no, that type of dog isn't eaten. But it's not so much about if they're eaten or not, as it's about bone structure, fluff, and color. So if you travel to China with your Boxer or Greyhound, you better pray they're the cutest one in the dog-gone world.

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