We're all getting used to the fact that we need to wear a helmet, or a condom, and even seatbelts, but how many young people today think to wear earplugs out to the nightclubs?  The Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) has launched a competition for designers to find the coolest looking earplug that will dispel the prevailing feeling that they look too "medical", aesthetically unappealing and socially unacceptable. The charity, which says 90 percent of young clubbers have experienced early signs of hearing damage, enough to imply that earplugs should actually be required.  I find this to be a Flexible Flux, it's OK to stay out late, drink, canoodle around, as long as you’re protecting your ears!  The winning designers will get internships with development companies with the aim of putting their earplugs into production. 


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