Several days ago, after much speculation, the creators of a Marc Jacobs Ad spoof campaign that had been circling around the web were revealed. Fashion bloggers were running wild with speculation as to who could be responsible for the photos of two men ( styled ater tennis players Borg and McEnroe) dressed in 1980ish tennis attire and ridiculous wigs that borrowed Jacob’s name and trademark style. This act of Brandalizm is now being credited to Hart + Larson, a group of photographers, filmmakers, and advertising creatives .They descibe their work with the term,"The New Enthusiasm" which they describe as "an aesthetic movement (or philosophy) of sorts." The stunt is getting them a lot of attention and has to be seen as a successful act of self-promotion. In a recently released statement, they give what could sort of be construed as an explanation of the project,” We thought it'd be interesting to adopt two generally well-known personas, style them, identify them as Borg and McEnroe, place them within a popular commercial context (the Marc Jacobs display ad), and then turn them loose.” What is really key here is the "Marc Jacobs" context, without the Brandalizm element these pictures are just a couple of goofy dudes in wigs. Hart+ Larson state,” In a world dominated by replication and automation, we wondered whether or not we could create an 'authentic' Marc Jacobs ad. And we think we succeeded, for the most part.”

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