Austrian supermarket chain Adeg is a supermarket made to please and accommodate senior citizens. They incorporated everything from reduced-glare lighting and slip-proof flooring to wider aisles and easier-to-navigate parking spaces. And the list goes on: reduced-height shelving, pleasant places to sit and signage and shelf markers in larger type are part of the deal, too. Stores also offer several cart and basket options, including a shopping cart that attaches to a wheelchair and another that has a fold-down seat for shoppers who might want to rest along the way. The produce display is engineered so that even a person in a motorized cart or wheelchair can select his or her own items. Shoppers can borrow reading glasses to check small print on labels or use magnifying glasses that are attached to shelves in some areas. Smaller packages of things like cheese are intended to serve households of one or two. Notably, all employees are over 50. As the influence of the Boomers strengthens we will be seeing a lot more of these types of things.

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