Home chefs are likely to become very spoiled with this snazzy oven being introduced by Rothenburg Electorlux. The Inspiro Oven was essentially inspired by the auto focus of a camera, Inspiro uses sensors to calculate the precise combination of energy consumption and time needed to bring the food to the correct temperature. Simply select the category such as  “roasting” via the touch control, then choose whether the meat should be rare, medium or well done. The oven indicates which level to put the tray on – in a cold oven. From that cold start, Inspiro calculates the energy consumption and time needed to raise the temperature of the meat to the desired level. That information is then combined with its database of professional cooking techniques to calculate what combination of heating modes is required (top, bottom, side, hot air, or grill) to ensure the desired result. When the cooking sequence is finished, the oven stops, and alerts the chef that the food is ready.  This is a Power Play all the way, it even resembles a camera, cool!  See more here

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