When I go to some wine stores, the sheer number of wines that are available almost always overwhelms me. I take way too long deciding on a wine to purchase, even though there is most likely a delicious wine setting I the back of my mind. Once I see all those bottles I go into OPTION OVERLOAD. Thanks to this little idea adopted by Oxford Landings Vineyards, I won’t be wasting time cruising the aisles at my local wine seller. What they have done is; they have adopted pull-tab idea that is often found on ads for baby sitters or items for sale. You know the ones with the little slips of paper at the bottom of a regular sheet of paper, usually found on bulletin boards. This way when you have an amazing bottle of vino, remembering what you hade will be so simple. That is my new idea of CHOICE CHOKE. It’s not so much about less options, but more about making choosing easier.

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