The mobility and accessibility of the new Internet is amazing. There is a constantly growing array of devices that allow you connect to the Web and with the addition of Cloud Computing the internet becomes truly Clockless; available anywhere and anytime by any means of connecting you have available. Connected Drive by BMW is a great example of the ever-increasing number of ways we can stay connected. The 2008 version of Connected Drive is the first system BMW has implemented into their vehicles that allows unrestricted access to the Internet for passengers and driver alike. Passengers are free to surf as they please at anytime with the addition of an optional DVD system in the rear of the car but the Internet function cannot be accessed from the dashboard display once the vehicle has passed the speed of 5 km/h. The iDrive controller located on the center console the user will have the same functionality as a mouse and allows the user to scroll through links and make selections by pressing down on the controller so they can “click” on their selection. If the Internet function has more than one user the system will allow the installation of personalized start pages that each user can customize and access once registered in the system. The system currently allows users to create and receive e-mail and an online banking function is in the works. BMW had this to say:”BMW Online has a unique position in the market to this day. Such integration of services allows convenient access to local information in the car, BMW Online now also comprising mobility services such as looking for parking space and orientation by mobile phone and an e-mail account with an address directory, information on travel and leisure-time activities as well as hotels and restaurants, an enquiry service, news and weather, the “My News” (RSS feeds), as well as business news and the stock exchange,” they continue,” And now the Google services search function provides direct access to the internet from the car itself as a further milestone in BMW Connected Drive.”

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