egg speakersegg speakers folded

As if there were not enough iPod docks and speakers and such, here is another one. But this time with a design that I like. These new speakers from DLO snap together to form an egg when not in use, the docking component fits neatly inside of the egg "shell" so there's less chance of losing the crucial component. The removable, rotating stand holds the iPhone upright or horizontally for the ideal portable movie-viewing experience. Also it's powered by batteries or standard AC outlet. That way, no matter where you are, whenever you want you can be entertained. Plus, you don't have to disconnect your iPhone if a call comes in – the Portable Speakers simply turn into your iPhone into a speaker phone! Truly a CLOCKLESS product when considering that it folds down to a 6 in. egg, so you can take it practically anywhere.

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