For strict Mid-Century Modernists, the Eames have always been an iconic duo of designers. Everything from the layouts and color patterns to the materials used in projects is replicated, if not suggested by die hard modernist fans. But there's always been something missing from the picture, well, and any Eames picture. Every Eames photoshoot features a small black bird with wire legs, it instantly became iconic and has always been in the minds of Eames followers as a must have, except there is one problem. It was a hand made sculpture from the Appalachians, and nobody knew how to obtain one. But now, there's great news, Vitra has been allowed to remake it, so that all who know about this coveted item can purchase it. It's a great Power Play, especially for those who have lusted after it for so many years. To most people, it's just a statue of a crow, but to those recognize the symbol, it's a piece of design history.


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