skullcandy GI headphonesWhen it comes to things that you want but don't necessarily need but buy anyway ala "…because I deserve it" Skull Candy has you covered for headphones. A combination of a somewhat high price, excellent design and fantastic sound make this a Private Pampering piece.  Their line of headphones comes in a variety of colors and styles, but the ones with the bullets attached to the top really stuck out to me. Is this supposed to "tell something" to people in the crowd watching the DJ? Like "hey watch out! I've got bullets, so I'm an awesome DJ." All the sarcasm aside the specs on these headphones are quite impressive and it does seem that a lot of the "celebrity" DJ's are sporting them. So when I decide to become a DJ I know what headgear to get, something that’s a killer on the dance floor, because I’m worth it.

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