In the United Kingdom, the Serious Organized Crime and Police Act of 2005 made spontaneous protests within one kilometer radius of Westminster’s Houses of Parliament illegal. However, artist and designer Tony Mullin found a loophole in the law and has exposed it. It seems that the law will allow protestors to carry placards as long as they do not carry any slogan. On the 20th of June 2007 the students led a group of volunteers on a walk through the exclusion zone carrying blank green placards. By using Green Screen technology groups can add their messages to the blank signs digitally and later distribute the video on other media such as You Tube. This “open source” approach to protesting is a first.  A current exhibit at the Royal College of Art in London documents this project that Mullin and other students from Platform 11 created. Platform 11  uses design as a medium to address contemporary and speculative issues related to technology, psychology and socio-political trends. Interesting work.

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