Matter is a new idea in marketing that is well, kind of old. Matter sends out boxes that contain a variety of product samples that they have helped companies design. The idea is that in a world that is increasingly virtual people have a greater appreciation for real objects. This reminds me of Supermarket food samples and Perfume girls at the department store, giving out free samples is nothing new but the way they go about it is. Matter works with each company to create items you'll enjoy getting, which might be something that explains what the company does, its ideas or its values, or simply something to try out. Each release is targeted at a certain demographic and is stuffed with items they will hopefully enjoy. It is telling of our times when tangible objects are something out of the ordinary. Everyone loves free stuff and the great thing about Matter Box is once you receive your box all of its contents is yours to keep so that you can try, read, play or give it away at your leisure. Usually, advertising is seen as an invasion but with Matter it feels more like Christmas!  It’s as if the company is saying, "I was thinking about you and here is a little something I thought you might like, tell me what you think!" In the context of our constantly moving, fast paced world, Matter gives us a reason to slow down and take the time to touch, taste and feel something new that was made just for us.    

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