MansintheMarilyn Manson has his quirks. The fellow is probably a little misunderstood, maybe even maligned for his beliefs (or lack thereof), but you have to say this much for Manson, people love to talk about him.

His latest entry into the public fray is Mansinthe. His version of an absinthe beverage derived from wormwood, and apparently used heavily during the creation of at least one of his albums. The reviews have not been pleasant, to say the least. This little ditty from Popbitch can serve as an example:

"Marilyn Manson's absinthe “Mansinthe” has been mauled
by food and drink critics, who said it smells like
“sewage, swamp mud and rubbing alcohol”. The only
absinthe brand to be seen with now is Le Tourment Vert."
Celebrity or not, being Barely Legal does not mean you can rule out taste.   
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