British citizens will be asked to “leave it off” for E-Day which will be observed on February 27th. During E-Day people will be asked to switch off electrical items not in use. Scientist and climate campaigner Matt Prescott created E-Day to help consumers become more aware of small changes that they can make to curb climate change. “We have 70% of the public saying they accept climate change and wanting to do something about it; but almost everybody feels powerless,” says Prescott. E-Day has the backing of energy companies, corporations and private organizations interested in promoting climate change. After, E-day is over energy use for the 24 hour period will be measured against a “business as usual average.” The E- Day campaign founder expects a meager 1-3% cut in energy use but note, "You have to start from somewhere and I thought that if businesses and the government are going to make different decisions (about energy and climate issues) in future, then they need to know there's public support.” 

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