wait·a·ble / waɪtəbəl / [weyt-uh-buhl] –adjective
1. able to be waited for: I'd really like that game, but it's probably going to drop in price soon, so it's waitable. I'll buy it when it's cheaper!

That's the definition of waitable, but what does that mean really.  Have you always wanted to go to an auction but don’t have the patience or chutzpah to risk your wad on the things you want.  Well, imagine all that in reverse. Someone, or in this case something, will wait for as long as is necessary and you don’t have to meet an ever increasing price, the price meets you.  What is this going to do to the webonomy (web+economy)?  Who knows, but with this absolutely free webapp (web+application) the prices of everything Amazon will be set by the buyers.  Is this a new form of laissez-faire economics that would change the face of what the Chicago Boys started in Chile?  What happens when this webapp starts including pizza as well?  Lots of questions, few answers with something so new. By the way, how much did you say you’d sell that pizza for?

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