Tiger Woods dealt with it, Danica Sue Patrick dealt with it and now Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton has had to deal with racial slurs and bigoted performance.  In case you don’t know who this is, Hamilton is Formula One's first black driver.  Racism is pervasive worldwide and the US is probably more tolerant than Europe when it comes to allowing the content of one’s character to define capability and prestige. Spain could lose both of its Formula One races following the racist taunting of driver Lewis Hamilton by spectators over the weekend. "Some painted themselves in Blackface while others had T-shirts with “Hamilton’s Familly” written on the front; a reference to either their own ignorance, a suggestion that men of color can’t spell, or both. The thing about it is; Formula One has never seen this kind fan behavior before.  The high profile drivers are notorious for their egos and team internal spats are the regular fare of racing gossip, but the fans have been either observers or enthusiasts without the kind of visceral outbursts that are common at Europe’s football matches.  As the upper echelons of the sports world become populated through talent rather than staid societal hierarchy, the real boundaries are going to be revealed.

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