What’s on your shopping list this week? Well, if you are concerned about your environmental impact and you happen to be close to Oslo, Norway, you can add a certificate good for offsetting a ton of carbon emissions to your usual list of must have items. The Stroemmen Storsenter shopping centre outside Oslo began selling certificates on Saturday, at 165 Norwegian crowns  ($30.58) per ton of carbon emissions offset. The option to offset emissions for airplane flights or even credit cards that automatically offset your purchases is already available, but this is the first time, to our knowledge, they have been made available for over-the- counter purchase. "Many people want to buy reductions, but until we started this in the shopping mall, they haven't known where to get them, but now they are available to everybody," said Ole Herredsvela, the shopping center's technical manager. This is definitely green made easy. I am sure there will be critics of the idea but when people are purchasing credits at the mall to lessen their footprint it really shows how Green Hot has hit the mainstream full force.

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