What can I say? When we are right we are right! When we first recognized green hot we knew it would grow quickly but I don’t think anyone truly understood how fast. We soon had to create a separate category called Green Echo that tracks design and technologies that imitate or incorporate natural processes and structures to accommodate the vast amount of information in Green Hot. What was once the territory of far out lefties and idealists is now on forefront of everyone’s mind and every company seems to be looking for a way get on the green bus before it leaves the station.
    In a day and age when airplane passengers are trying to figure out how to offset the carbon impact they generated during their travels you can bet they are asking questions about the environmental policy of your company. The food and transportation industries have been especially held to a high amount of criticism and have answered the demand with a gambit of greener products along with the promise of more to come. We now have everything from all natural Cheetos to USDA certified organic pancake mix in an aerosol can. Oil giant British Petroleum has not only changed name to Beyond Petroleum it has established an alternative energy research facility at Berkeley with a $500 million dollar grant.
     A recent piece of news sparked a realization for me as to the present state of green. Organic is one of 19 words or phrases on Lake Superior State University's annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness. This piece of news indicates that while concern over all things green is definitely still growing so is consumer education. Simply stamping the word organic or natural will not be enough to convince a well-educated consumer that a product is indeed what it claims to be.  The push for green is overwhelming and consumers are more and more willing to pay the higher cost for items that have less environmental impact. The question is not really should you become greener as much as how do you prove you are when words aren’t enough.


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