When it opens in 2010, a small hotel and a few shops will be added on to the new office building near the Stockholm Central Station.  That is not necessarily news but the heating system planed for it is Green Hot at its best. The 250,000 bodies rushing through the station will generate enough body heat to flow through the ventilation system to warm up water that will be pumped through pipes to warm the office building.  The expectations are that the body heat will cut 20 percent off of the heating costs.  If the warmth from bodies in a train station can be harnessed for energy cost reduction.  Take this idea and then question; what does that do to other large events, say for example a rave, suddenly it becomes altruistic to show up and get as hot and sweaty as possible.  With Giving Back gaining ground everyday, the notion of an energy-palooza is not so far fetched.

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