Leave it to Japan to come up with the ultimate baby carriage, suspension, sensors in the wheels–so as not to get stuck in train doors, and a way to adjust the air!  The Combi LX-720 is the end all be all, no more jostiling or bumping about, the oversized wheels , two to a caster,  have suspension geometry tuned to absorb 96 percent of shocks. Wow!  Also, because of past incidents on subways, the Combi LX-720 has worked with engineers to come up with sensors that can detect if the wheel has been caught in the subway's doors. That could get ugly…the creme de la creme though is the adjustable air within the buggy, Mom's and Dad's can adjust the temperature and humidity! My baby is better than yours, this is Power Plays all the way, I only wish my car had features like these.

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