You might have heard about owning your "Own Olive Tree" and now you can "Own Your Sheep" too! Pulling out your beautifully packaged 'Adopt an Olive Tree' olive oil at a dinner party is a classy Power Play and now you can serve it with your own artisen cheese. For those of you not "In the Know" you get to adopt an olive tree in the Nudo olive grove, and on sending off your voucher you will receive, come harvest time, two litres of awesome olive oil from your very own tree. Each box is numbered to correspond to the individual tree from which your green nectar will spout (so to speak), and includes a booklet telling you all about the olive grove, the methods of making the oil and other sweet gems of info. Now you can Adopt a sheep in the Abruzzo region of Italy and you'll help preserve traditional agricultural methods and fill your pantry with organic cheeses & sausages! The sheep adoption program was created by a farmers’ cooperative in a medieval village in order to preserve an ancient profession that has been characteristic of the region for 3000 years – sheep-herding. You get adoption papers, along with your lamb’s childhood photos, and a chronicle of shearing, milking, birthing. Even one pair of 100% virgin wool hiking socks and a voucher for a one-person, one day stay (meals included) at the agriturismo that’s organizing the effort.

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