The UK fashion website Venom and Bootle says "After 20 years of rock'n'roll'n'gin the surviving gothic-punk is rather thin (on top). But thanks to our secret formula your mohawk can be instantly regenerated."  DVR lifestyle's Human Truth is: "I wan't to pick the good parts."  By this, we mean that there is no age limits or restrictions set by yourself or society.  If you are a Goth/Punk and have been since your teens, then who says you have to age gracefully? There is a "New Normal" when it comes to aging and that has interesting ramifications to various types of industries.  We see so many ads with either crotchety old men & women or the lovable bespeckled grandparents- this architype hasn't changed much in 50 years…well, much longer than that actually!!  Anyway, the point is: I'm not going to look like or relate to that image when I'm that age and my tattooed, pierced up friends won't either.  Heck, my Boomer parents did the 60's justice, they have a great style now, I know they wont care about fashion victim affectations, but I can't see them suddenly becoming fuddy duddy when they hit 70.  We are hearing people say: "I don't care how old I am- I look the way I want to!"


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