Stressed out? Thanks to the Korea Life Consulting Co., you can appreciate your life more by temporarily dying. For only $325, customers can experience their own funeral. Clients start by laying in a coffin, which is then nailed shut with dirt thrown over the top. The lights are turned off, and funeral music is played. About 15 minutes passes (for some this would feel like an eternity) and then the coffin is opened up and the person inside experiences a "rebirth."

The whole process is known in Korea as "well-dying," a seemingly morbid trend geared toward encouraging Koreans to live happy and healthier lives while they still can. Apparently this makes workers more efficient in certain factories, so many companies are sending their employees to the experience. Dying for worker productivity?  A lot of people have experienced living this specal "death" — up to 50,000 since the fake funerals began in 2004. They say: "People live with too much regret, too many strongholds, and limited happiness. Such an innovative process gives them the courage to 'start over", and begin living life to its fullest."  This is a great example of INNER BALANCE.



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