The idea of Flexible Flux goes beyond the idea of,” A Hedonistic Diet”, in the literal sense. It  can apply to anything that attempts to reduce or offset something that is seen as “bad” while still in the end giving us the indulgence we crave. A good example of this is the Fashion line Kova and T . Their statement on their website states,” Style is usually intangible often inimitable. Picture the most stylish girl you know. You don’t admire her for her blatantly designer items or for her head-to-toe perfection, but rather for something you can’t quite place your finger on. She might have dirty hair but carry a Chanel purse, or rock a couture dress with beat-up Nikes. Every piece she wears is a part of her sensibility, and no item calls so much attention to itself as to take away from the whole picture. That symphony of contrasts is a marker of true style.” Kova and T  was founded by Russian society girl and girlfriend of Roman Abramovich, Dasha Zhukova and her childhood friend Christina Tang.  Their line focuses on style, simplicity and quality materials and craftsmanship rather than flashy stitching, pronounced labels or excessive fabric treatments. While the line is considered a luxury brand it manages to shake off the image of excessiveness and still express syle and sophistication.

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