The Independant looked at a website that asks viewers to rate a woman's body. This would hardly be a new phenomenon in the voyeuristic world of the men's magazine market. But what if the girls being rated were as young as 10? Or that the people judging them were not leering pubescent boys but their peers; other young girls? The article said "That is the startling reality of modern girl's magazines as they go online. Titles such as Mizz and Bliss are taking their website cues from an unlikely source: the 'lads' mag.' A report has investigated this relationship, particularly citing one magazine website that encouraged girls to upload photos of themselves so 10 of their body parts could be subject to scrutiny and online rating."   It seems that "Age has nothing to do with" the "rate it" website phenomenon and unfortunately these girls choose to spend their time scrutinizing each other.  A "grown up" is however, building and marketing these sites/mags and they should know better.  

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