'What is a chair’? And 'What is function'?  Designer Bas Kools from the Netherlands asked those two questions to himself and ended up with The Trapped Chair as an answer.  In his words, “No it’s not some diabolical machine aimed at enslaving the human race. It’s a chair, and a very comfy, cushy one too. The Trapped Chair keeps you locked down until it decides when to let you go.”   In one sense, the chair traps you and could be rather intimidating.  The reciprocal of that is allowing your self to relax and be, essentially, hugged by the chair. This hugging has associations to specific treatments on autistic people to help them control their sensorial input. This technique is called deep pressure and is a form of pressure on the whole body to relax. This technique comes from taming animals and is also tested on normal people that experienced the same relaxing effect.  A large body of research is now emerging documenting sensorial effects on the human psyche and brain functions.  The research is validating the beneficial physiological effects of what is commonly known as “a good hug”.  As the scientific understanding develops around the chemical and neurological effects of some of these timeless remedies for the stresses in our lives, artists and innovators are finding fertile ground to explore “that which makes us feel and be present”.   He even has an entry in his blog called “Function Has Lost Its Functionality”.  That title is clearly suggesting of the same sentiments expressed in the title of the wave Moment Momentum. 

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