Voice mail-to-text services for the everyday user are starting to crop up and some of them are actually handy.  Being handy is really what the game is
all about when it comes to economy on the web.  Clearly, the idea of one form of communication immediately becoming accessible to multiple platforms is truly a handy idea.  I know I've typed the word handy a couple of times in a row here and yes, I’m intentionally breaking some writing rules to make a point.  All of this tech and service is designed to fit in your . . . hand.  That, in and of itself, is no revolution; but, couple that with all of the other portals of communication that are cross platform, like FRAPPR or TWITTER, and you start to get the perfect storm for the next stage of the communications revolution: the continual and evolving Shareumentary.™ Communication becomes unmitigated expression that is immediately accessible and recordable. Now that is the perfect script for the Shareumentarian who lives just a short distance from me.  At least, it seems like a short distance in Google Earth. Or was it Second Life?

*Shareumentary is a word coined by CultureWaves that we think explains the future of communications. Collaboration, open source, and blogging all lead to a documented sharing that becomes, well, a Shareumentary.

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