I can't relate to people who are cynical about celebs lending there "star power" to important causes.  Personally, I feel like the more positivity and awareness that's spread in the world the better- where it comes from is not really the main focus for me.  Ok so Shannon Elizabeth isn't exactly the poster girl for MIT but she passionately loves animals and is a great spokeswoman for “Animal Avengers” which helps rescue and provide shelter to homeless pets. Some roll their eyes at Angelina Jolie's association with the UN and her humanitarian work but I say  "here's  someone trying to use the spotlight to affect positive change in this messed up world- that should be the point! What are YOU doing?"  The fact is that alot of actors are perfectly qualified for this type or work. The reason they became actors is because they are sensitive to life and the human condition, they are truly moved and inspired by life and especially humanity.  So it's no suprise to me that Brad Pitt is becoming a real powerhouse in the revival of New Orleans.  He has a passion for architecture, people and the Green Movement that is combined in a project called "Make It Right".  Having spent time with community leaders and displaced residents determined to return home, Pitt realized that an opportunity existed to build houses that were not only stronger and healthier, but that had less impact on the environment. Pitt hopes that this project would be a catalyst for recovery and redevelopment throughout the Lower 9th Ward and across the city of New Orleans. Having listened to one former resident's plea to help "make this right," Pitt was inspired to name the project "Make It Right" (MIR).  The site is really interesting, inspiring and his intentions are noble…until we can we say that about our own work and lives, we shouldn't sit in judgement.


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