He would rather pump iron to get in shape, she would rather pull out the yoga mat. But, the thing that balances the sexes is the feeling of satisfaction we get from very different methods of training and exercise. When (some)guys go to the gym they go with the intention of getting bigger by lifting weights. Whereas women for the most part it seems are there to lose weight or to tone "problem areas" of course this doesn't apply to everyone, but according to Cedric Bryant, PhD, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, "men frequently show up in classes such as spinning or "boot camp" workouts. But women dominate other classes, especially those that touch on mind-body techniques." The important thing to take away from, in regards to Yin Yang Blend, is this: We may have separate methods but it all leads back to the same place. That feeling of satisfaction after a hard day at the gym.

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