Mirror Neurons have been brought up in the debate about the effects video games and violent actions.  Mirror neurons are the brain's copycat neurons that help with learning.  In research, it was found that the mirror neurons function when someone is actually moving and also when that person is observing a movement they are familiar with.  This suggests that brain function does not need physical movement in order to process an observed event as real.  The debate about televised violence and desensitizing video games continues to rage.  As science develops the tools to measure and quantify our physiological reactions to the stimulus our bodies receive, our understanding of how our desires and emotional drivers affect us will continue to grow.  As a good friend of mine said,  "well this is kinda like 'you are what you see'.  That's why a yogi's visual diet is as important as anything else because if you see unsettling, violent imagery- you invite that energy into your consciousness experientially." Inner balance extends beyond the periphery of your body.

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