The Federal Aviation Administration offered two easy solutions to airport congestion:  1.  Congestion pricing, charging more for landing airplanes during peak hours and 2.  Mandatory caps that would reduce by 20 percent the current 100 departing flights per hour.  Both of these solutions would pass increased prices on to the airline travelers.  Anthony Shorris, executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, says that the real winner here is the Federal Government, which essentially gets to walk away from the problem without offering any solution.  When the owner of two of the busiest, most sensitive airports in the country starts Corporate Hating then the problem is a bit beyond bad.  Then again, the airlines and airports may be just passing the buck trying to deflect the real Corporate Hating going on:  Air Travelers are fed up with being treated like cattle and that is not going to stop until a flight from Chicago to Denver to Houston to Miami feels like a tour rather than a trip up river trying to avoid the bears.

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