Who We Are

Hi. We’re CultureWaves

CultureWaves® was founded in 2005 in typical start-up fashion—a bunch of people with the idea that we could change the way companies watch human behavior. You see, we realized pretty early that the massive amounts of information being put online meant that there could be a different way of tracking what people are really doing. So, we built proprietary software and called it the World Thought Bank™.

We’ve been feeding that Bank ever since, and have the pretty amazing ability to watch as trends evolve. The premise behind the company is to provide insights into those trends in human behavior, looking at evidence around “why” people do what they do . . . in order to determine what they may do next.

We use a curator network (multi-geographical, multi-cultural, multi-interesting) to translate behavior into insights to help some of the biggest companies in the nation better understand their consumer and his/her motivations.

We can tell you more, about us or about any subject of interest to you. Just ask us.

How We Work

CultureWaves is a consumer qualitative insights company that looks at consumer behavioral data. We start in the area of “why,” with a focus on human behavior, observed and interpreted through a combination of technology and human interaction with the data.

We have 34 macrotrends called Waves. They are an ongoing look at what’s going on in behavior. We report on their action every quarter at a minimum, and love looking into specific areas even more frequently.

We watch the nuances in behavior, see how behavior shifts, and help apply it to brands/companies who want to improve their messaging to consumers and understand where they live.

How We Think

Data is a term that has come to mean numbers and statistics, often gathered through surveys. However, data is actually any information gathered and stored that is then used to analyze or plan. Add the term “behavioral” and you have CultureWaves.

We created CultureWaves to understand why.  We created it so that you can trade data, demographics and statistics for insights, relevancy, and connections. The qualitative way we think is completely compatible with the usual quantitative measurements, giving you a deeper understanding of “why” and “what’s next.”

Bottom line: Your business needs relevant, actionable insights so that you can truly connect with the audience that finds, purchases, and uses your products and services.

Data is simply a way of recording life as it is lived. In CultureWaves, we watch life on a continual basis and see how it evolves, so we can get ahead of the next wave before it breaks. We like to think that instead of only counting what people do, we bring understanding around why it counts.