Surviving on Craigslist.

Craigslist continues to be a phenomenon in our digital world. … Read More

What’s a “friend” and where is “home”?

Does friendship require proximity? Can you have a best friend whom you’ve never laid eyes on? Even a decade ago, these two questions would seem much less feasible than today, … Read More

Family Is an Attitude

What happens to a family after a divorce is a direct result of the attitude the parents take. If they put family first, they can reach an emotional place that feels like home, even though the marital bonds are broken. That’s the goal of a couple who started a website called Co-Parenting 101. … Read More

McDonald’s Japan’s “America Burgers”

Texas, Hawaii, New York and California. That seems somewhat broad to describe America doesn’t it? Well, to the folks over at McDonald’s Japan that seems just about right when it comes to flavor profiling. … Read More

Not So Hip Chicas…

The first Latina character I saw as a child set the stage for every other young Latina character I would come across on television, movies, and in the music industry: Rosie Perez as Gloria in “White Men Can’t Jump”. For … Read More

Quiet in the “Sunni Triangle of Death”

It is a sadly exceptional moment that we hear any good news from Iraq, or anywhere else for that matter. However, there have been several recent reports that paint a glimmer of hope around the gloomy issue of the Iraqi … Read More

Menudo Served Here!

Catering to a specific niche market has always been risky business for larger retailers, but at a time when trying to satisfy everyone is harder than ever, one grocer decided to go all out – in only one direction. Shutting … Read More

Online Farmers Market For Winemakers & Winelovers

Online ventures that use product life stories to market and appeal to audiences are growing in numbers. Re-Shirt sells used t-shirts with a story of its life journey.   Crop to Cup allows consumer to trace the origin of their coffee … Read More

Pictures of You and Us

“Pictures of You: Images from Iran”, a photography exhibit by Colorado based artist Tom Loughlin, challenges us to see past the political and ideological differences that exist between the US and Iran and see what the Iranian people truly are…People. … Read More