Strangers Welcome

“Don’t talk to strangers” is good advice; but once you’re able to take care of yourself, well, you might want to log on to Omegle. It calls itself “a brand new service for meeting new friends,” and it is. … Read More

What’s Your Price?

To promote its Send Money tool, Paypal created a microsite called “Do Stuff for Money.” The idea is to get you to use the site to send an offer to a friend via Facebook or email. The offer has a price, and if your friend agrees to do it, he or she gets the money through Paypal. … Read More

Valve: Crowdsource Funding.

PC gaming Juggernaut Valve has a dream. That dream is to directly bridge the gap between game design studios and the players, cutting the publishers out of the scene. They describe a system where gamers can look at prospective games, pick the one they want and invest in it. In return they get a copy of the game and if it does well, a return on their investment. … Read More

The Purchased Bay

The Pirate Bay has been a few things over the past couple of years, a harbor of torrents, an illegal downloading utopia, and most recently a political platform. However, with the recent selloff of the company, one of the worlds most infamous and viewed websites might be, for a lack of better words, a sinking ship. … Read More


Okay, I know, text talk is over, it’s been everywhere from Gossip Girl ads to Cingular commercials (you know, IDK My BFF Jill) and its even been lurking around local commercials. However, texting is definitely not dead.

Coming in to add a fresh breath to the SMS world is Texts From Last Night, which, are pretty much texts from last night. … Read More

Connecting Companies & Open Source Communities

I recently became aware of the GNOME Foundation through this interesting article on Ars Technica it’s the non-profit organization behind the open source GNOME desktop environment working to build bridges between the development community and companies. GNOME’s CEO Stormy Peters … Read More

Virtual Seeds – Virtual Assistants

As if the actual overheard of running a business wasn’t enough, in today’s wired world businessmen have to take on social networking sites for self promotion, lurk on similar businesses websites to leverage their competition; research blogs for potential advertising … Read More

Lost For Words: Automacy and Other New Social Realities

Language gives us the ability to communicate our thoughts and ideas. Our complex linguistic systems give humans a distinct advantage over other species, allowing us to share ideas and collaborate to achieve goals. But, what happens when our vocabulary can  … Read More

Reverse Image Searching

Tin Eye works like any standard search engine, except its for images. It’s called a reverse image search, so in case there’s a time that you need to look up the source of an image, or you’ve found something funny … Read More

Banking Get More Handy

Banking by phone isn’t new, but being able to download a mobile service application directly to your Google Anroid™ phone is pioneering new ground. Chase Visa™ recently announced just such an option and plans on rolling it out in early 2009. … Read More