Texting Over Talking

One of my friends had a minor “rant” on Facebook the other day that I’m sure he wouldn’t remind me repeating here: “Soapbox of the day: The advantage of texting is that you can relay information on your own time … Read More

An Accidental Tweet That Turned Out Well

This is a funny twitter “incident” that made me chuckle and love the internet even more… (if that’s possible.) The Red Cross employee who mans their twitter account accidently sent out a seemingly drunk tweet.  PR crisis? Nope, the opposite. … Read More

November POV

Think of it like Public Access Cable for Generation Y. This “dirtnet” could be the first step toward a more organic Internet—a more analog version of the Darknet, the part of the web that is not searchable. It’s free from security of any kind and is the ultimate underground filesharing network. Instead of trying to fight the organizations and the law, we would just cut them out all together. … Read More

Facebooking Vacation Home

Have a vacation home you’d like to rent? Looking to rent one from someone you can trust? Facebook is making it easy with its new application from SecondPorch.com. … Read More

Tweet Reward

While Twitter is still trying to find a way to make money, Dell recently reported that it made $3 million using Twitter. That isn’t a huge fortune these days, but that’s not the point. The news is how Dell connected the reality of product selling with the virtual world of social networking. … Read More

Maps of the Fallen

On Memorial Day, Google engineer Sean Askay released the “Map of the Fallen”, an Interactive map that uses Google Earth 5.0 to show the locations of the birth and death of each of the 5700 US servicemen and women that … Read More

Not So Hip Chicas…

The first Latina character I saw as a child set the stage for every other young Latina character I would come across on television, movies, and in the music industry: Rosie Perez as Gloria in “White Men Can’t Jump”. For … Read More

Microsoft’s ‘Future Home’

Microsoft’s new home of the future gets humanity that much closer to The Jetsons. The house gives us a peak into where the company plans on incorporating technology within the next 5-10 years, and lets us tell you, we felt like the first time we saw the futuristic house in the 80’s flick Total Recall –…ooooooooh….ahhhhh! … Read More

Adobe App. Pillows

Can I just say how in love I am with these? I’m sure we’re all well aware I’m a huge geek so just give me my moment in the sun (while laying on a Photoshop pillow dreaming about brush sets of course!). Brandalizm™ and Virtual Forest™ in one comfy little package. … Read More

Steal Movies, Get Free Tickets

As sad as it is that this sounds like something that the offbeat internet meme “advice dog” would say, it’s actually happened. Recently a woman named Amanda posted a tweet on Twitter about not being able to find an illegal … Read More