Calorie Burning Underwear

The Body Warranty™ wave is filled with evidence that helps us strive for physical greatness.  The Human Truth™ of this wave is:  “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™ Well the Japanese have found a way to … Read More

Getting Near Naked To Get Clothes

There was a fun marketing event in Santa Monica, CA last week that I was almost tempted to take part in.  I would have been there with bells on if I had woken up that day and thought to myself… … Read More

Body Types Described As Works Of Art

A lingerie company in Australia has been in the news recently with an interesting proposal that fit’s perfectly into the Body Warranty™ wave. Triumph launched a campaign to change the way we refer to woman’s body types.  You might be … Read More

Men’s Bra an Online Bestseller in Japan

Add men’s bras next to men’s pantyhose’s on our list of things that blur the line between the sexes in our yin/yang blend wave. Just two weeks after launching the bras, a Japanese online lingerie retailer says it’s their hottest … Read More