Building a Taste for Plant-Based Foods

When diners hear the words “plant-based,” several things can come to mind: lack of flavor, non-filling, tasteless, and even negative textural qualities such as “spongy.” Those who prefer meat as the main attraction of each meal might even picture a … Read More

Future Farming: Aquaculture

Global meat consumption just hit a 40-year high. The global population is approximately 7 billion today, and it’s expected to rise to 9.7 billion by 2050. If our meat consumption rates stay the same, by 2050 we would need more … Read More

Less Packaging Means More Green

For years, marketing has profited from the idea that a bigger package made people feel like they were “getting more.” That’s why we have wads of cotton in our aspirin bottles and all that air in our cereal boxes. All that is changing with the new push toward green packaging. … Read More

Temporary Spaces and Creative Infill

Two businesses, two different cuisines, two different sets of staff and chefs –all under one roof, with one entrance, one kitchen, and one dining area. By day, it’s a burrito joint; by night, it’s a Nepalese BYOB restaurant. When everyone’s … Read More

Barcoding Trees

At first glance we thought the headline was a spoof, something comical to be set aside with the barcoded Lamborghini or barcode tattoos. Seeing the source, however, we quickly realized this wasn’t just the real thing, but an interesting piece … Read More

From Cow Dung to Solid Bricks

Green echo is particularly a favorite wave of ours, if not for its simplicity then always for its ingenuity. The products and life evidence we find in this wave are constantly those that imitate a natural design or truly incorporate real nature as the design itself. … Read More

Post-it Goes Green

I don’t know about you, but I have to respect whatever trees get contorted into Post-it notes, because I use them like crazy. Luckily, 3M has announced that they have received chain-of-custody certification from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This means you can keep on posting them to your hearts content… … Read More

Digging in the Dirt: Permaculture Down Under

We find a lot of rarified design concepts in Green Echo like the swordfish inspired motorcycle or octopus beanbag, but taking nature’s cues can be a lot more down to earth. It helps to see GREEN ECHO evidence as a … Read More