Millennials Are Changing Their Story Through Self-Improvement

The internet has often been a brutal place for Millennials, continually reminding them of their inadequacies and shortcomings compared to their peers and the generations that came before them. They often get a bad rap for their perceived laziness, entitlement … Read More

Hey Ads! I Don’t Relate…

Anyone who knows me, definitely knows that the Human Truth of Yin Yang Blend™ rings especially true for me: “I see the line between the sexes as dotted.”™ I’m a mish mash of traits that come from both male and female stereotypes. I’m a tomboy that uses my “feminine wiles” confidently. I’m a wild risk taker and also a loving nurturer. A total slob who loves “cleaning day”. I could wear baggy stained crap then dress like a movie star when the mood takes me. I’m a dichotomy in many, many ways. My Point? … Read More

Frag Dolls

Yes it’s true, most video games are played by males; but there’s no denying the presence of female gamers and a team of girls have made it their mission to represent and promote other females in the male dominated community. … Read More

Not So Hip Chicas…

The first Latina character I saw as a child set the stage for every other young Latina character I would come across on television, movies, and in the music industry: Rosie Perez as Gloria in “White Men Can’t Jump”. For … Read More

Burger King’s Whopper Controversy

Burger King finds itself the target of the latest in consumer uproar with the release of its advertising campaign entitled “Whopper Virgins”. At the forefront is the slogan “If you want a real opinion about a burger, asks someone who … Read More