Plants: How a Hobby Became a Lifestyle

Looking around my open office space, there is a noticeable green glow from the encroaching living decor that is fed by several co-enthusiasts. Having plants in the workspace just does something to the overall feel of the room. The way … Read More

Space is Open for Business

Space may not be the final frontier, but it certainly is the next frontier. Companies are starting to develop ways to get their brands in space. Despite newly approved funding to the tune of $20 billion, NASA is already relying … Read More

Cohabitating in the Recession

In hard times, seeking a cheaper place to stay and the practicality of taking in extra roomies both make sense. It’s called “recession roommate”, and while most people who agree to it hope it lasts only a short time, right now nobody knows how long that will be. … Read More

Room For Rent

The American mythos is the narrative of the individual. The words independence, liberty, personal freedom, and individualism come to mind when we characterize core American values. That is why that when we see people making drastic changes to their lifestyle due to economic realities we have to wander… … Read More

Temporary Spaces and Creative Infill

Two businesses, two different cuisines, two different sets of staff and chefs –all under one roof, with one entrance, one kitchen, and one dining area. By day, it’s a burrito joint; by night, it’s a Nepalese BYOB restaurant. When everyone’s … Read More

Float Ball Anyone?

The Zero Gravity corporation has developed what might be the first sport developed to be played in zero gravity. The Game is dubbed Float Ball , a sort of free-for-all, that has elements of both basketball and football. In the … Read More