Why “Gangnam Style” matters.

You may only know about it as “the horse riding dance”, but despite the fact that things have been lost(and found) in translation of the song as well as people simply seeing it as crazy and forwarding to their friends, it’s all leading up to a potential K-Pop (or even South Korean pop culture) emergence in mainstream America. … Read More

Gaming “Addiction” Treatment

There’s a study going on in South Korea at the Department of Psychiatry at Chung Ang University, and it’s all about Starcraft. Not so much the beloved game, but the addiction that people seemingly get to it. See, gaming in South Korea is very different than here, if you can make leaderboards on Battle.net in South Korea, you might as well be a national hero. … Read More

Gwanggyo City Center by MVRDV

We are seeing more and more architecture that imitates living forms. Taking the concept beyond skin deep, these buildings often incorporate natural processes for heating and cooling, a blurred distinction between indoor and outdoor space and notions of sustainability. One … Read More