YooStar Makes You the Star

Many of us live vicariously through the films we watch; indeed I think it’s safe to say that’s the purpose of Hollywood and the root of our fascination with celebrities. We cry, we laugh, we experience rushes of adrenaline when … Read More

Resurrecting Classic Games

Many of us grew up with the classic’s first released by game manufacturers Nintendo and Sega. Memories of blissfully spending countless hours maneuvering Mario and firing away those nasty mushrooms using the “A” or “B” button are about as cozy … Read More

Microsoft Launching Vintage Clothing

Microsoft would like to take us back for once –waaaaay back, back to a time when computers didn’t enslave our lives as tightly as clocks do. We’ve taken a moment to imagine what that felt like, and yes a bit … Read More

What’s Problematic, Underwhelming and Red All Over?

Windows Vista has endured a barrage of criticism. In response they have launched a campaign to improve (folgers crystals style)the tarnished image of Vista. In the spirit of Giving Back, Microsoft has now launched Windows Vista Ultimate (Product) Red edition. … Read More

Shielding can be it’s own Danger

Taking sides in legal matters is always fraught with dangers, as in all matters historical, they often have subtleties that come back on those who choose sides early. Caveat aside, something always smells funny when a prosecutor settles for a … Read More