How did you get your photo to look so normal?

In a world where hazy hipster photography and technology have converged, anyone can crank out a “vintage-inspired” photo in seconds. For snobs who once prided themselves on knowing enough Photoshop actions to be unique or people who go through the … Read More

Luxury Brands Time Traveling

We know fashion often draws from the past in an ever evolving cycle of appropriation. Like when it’s inspired by previous fads and generations. I used to joke last decade when the 80’s came back… What next? A 90’s fad? … Read More


Armed with an iPad® and a pair of vintage Nike® high-tops neatly tucked into slim-fit jeans, they stand in line and compare t-shirts. One of them will have a vintage Madonna tour shirt, the other a Saved by the Bell-themed … Read More

Typewriter Keyboard For iPad

I’m a very tactile person.  So as much as I am a self professed apple fan girl, I do sometimes miss clicking away on an actual keyboard rather than the touchscreen (although the clicky-sounds helps).  I also had a friend … Read More

Make Everything New, Old Again

I’m hoping Santa is going to upgrade my laptop and phone this Christmas and there’s only one choice for me:  The new Macbook air and iPhone 4. So when I came across these skinmods, the design geek in me got … Read More

Retro vs. Nerdism

For those of you that don’t buy into the feel good whimsy of General Mill’s retro cereal boxes and the rebirth of toys like My Little Pony and Carebears; there’s still a lot of nostalgia out there that’s beginning to widen out. … Read More

From Hard to Soothing Sell

What do you do with a crying baby? Popping in a pacifier usually does the trick. How about someone crying over their 401K? Well for that, Madison Avenue seems to have found a pacifier for the times: Nostalgia. … Read More

Retro Calculator on the iPhone

The iPhone’s full of quirky, clever, funny and utterly useless aps that mimic real-life objects. We’re just glad this one actually has some real functionality alongside its totally retro fun allure. Though the TI-85 was the standard scientific calculator when … Read More

Cloth Diapers a Win-Win

According to the Real Diapers Association, the average cost of disposable diapers for 2 years is $1,600. Or if you’d like to hop on the recession-savings- green friendly bandwagon craze, you could cut that cost to about $160 by switching … Read More

TelegramStop: Send a Tradition Telegram the Easy Way

TelegramStop is a new Melbourne, Australia-based enterprise that has become a popular alternative to e-mails and traditional greeting cards. I have never received one before but I do get excited if I receive an actual card over an e-card so I would probably pass out if I got a telegram!! … Read More