Marriage Is No Longer The Norm

The new census 2010 figures are out, and for the first time since they began tabulating family data in 1940, there are more un-wed couples in the USA than married couples. Households with husband-wife couples has now fallen below 50 … Read More

Marriage Minority

For the first time, married couples have dropped below half of all American households. According to data released by the Brookings Institution, only 48 percent of American households in 2010 are classified as married. Now, we only reminisce as we … Read More

She Said Yes

Stop the presses! Barbie and Ken are back together! Well, perhaps it’s not that dramatic, but for an on and off couple of over 40 years they’re ready to tell the world with a brand reboot. … Read More

You’re Just a Tease!

…At least that’s what one bitter romantic is accusing dating service for being. In face, he’s so upset he’s suing–for 5 million bucks. According to the Dailynews, “A $5 million federal suit filed by Sean McGinn accuses the company … Read More

Dating Advice from a 9 year-old

In a world where children are growing up increasingly fast and adults wish to recapture their youth, there’s no telling what you will find in our DVR lifestyle wave. As with our other life evidences pieces we find under this … Read More

Breaking up on Twitter: I cnt blve its ovr

There is a good example of ” The virtual world meeting the actual” over on PSFK Blog Via Razorfish. Michael Harper from Razorfish says: “Last night I had the strangely compelling but deeply awkward experience of watching someone liveblogging the … Read More