Getting Competitively Green

I’m a big fan of gamification. For those that don’t know, it’s a way to turn ordinary scenarios into a points scoring game. It’s a way to make doing chores fun, or make working out more exciting, for example. Well, … Read More

Puma Aiming For “Compostable”

I’m kinda loving the directions Puma has been going in the past couple of years. I was a fan of their “Puma Social” that fit right in with our Clockless™ wave. They weren’t winning the sport shoe game so they … Read More

Going Green For Cash

The down side to awesome new models of electronics constantly being unveiled is that when you upgrade, you’re left with a really expensive paperweight.  More often than not, if you try to sell it second hand you are faced with … Read More

Target Bags a Great Idea

No question about it- Green is still Hot. We still see daily evidence that spreads across all the Life Categories: DESIGN, ENTERTAINMENT, TECHNOLOGY & WELL BEING. It’s feels like ages (at least a year ago) that we reported on the quirky, fashionable bags that were being made from recycled advertising banners. … Read More