Tesco Brings New Tech To Shoppers

Tesco, the British retail and grocery chain continues to dominate when it come to tech innovations. I was impressed a while back by their cool QR code virtual shopping wall that turned up in south korea subway station. Commuters waiting … Read More

Peeking At Victoria’s Secret

The Human Truth™ of Suggestive Selling™ is:  “I can’t help looking at what’s hot”™. Victoria’s Secrets latest campaign is banking on that to be true.  Of course, they have built their empire on sexiness… no other lingerie house has the … Read More

Helping The Less Tech Savvy

One of the things that stood out to me in the article Mashable did about Macy’s QR Code program was they said about 70% of Americans don’t have a smartphone. Really?  That seems like such a huge percentage!  I’m finding … Read More

Rapt With This Wrapping

I might have a hard time deciding what to get people as Christmas presents but this wrapping paper is awesome!  If they are disappointed with what inside their present, then they can have fun with this great example of Virtual … Read More

Emerging to Mainstreaming: The Ebb and Flow of Trends

Good surfers know how to ride a wave, but really good ones know how to read a Wave. He or she can gaze toward the horizon and choose the right swell because they recognize the signs that tell them it’s going to be a big one. … Read More