Future Farming: Aquaculture

Global meat consumption just hit a 40-year high. The global population is approximately 7 billion today, and it’s expected to rise to 9.7 billion by 2050. If our meat consumption rates stay the same, by 2050 we would need more … Read More

Feel Younger Than You Look?

In our never ending pursuit for eternal youth, we can soon boast about our “molecular age” should we find that a more attractive number than our chronological one. There are many consumers constantly seeking ways to push our body beyond … Read More

Scientists Create Amazing New Lazer Technology: Use it to Doodle Picture of Some Broad

You may recognize the painting pictured to your left, it is the famous masterwork of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. There are two thing s you probably don’t know about this image, In reality the image … Read More