Driving out the competition.

UberCab is an internet company that allows people to request private car service through their phone. … Read More

Blue Ribbon Reward

China, the producer of all things cheap, has now accepted one of America’s cheapest beer brands as a status symbol and deemed it worth $44 a bottle. Granted, it’s a beer made just for them, comes in a sexy bottle, and is called Blue Ribbon 1844—after the year the company was founded in America—but it’s still PBR, which makes it all more than a little hard to believe. … Read More

Lip Action

Muscles tired? Looking to get a nice relaxing massage? How about a soothing deep rub for two of the most active part of your body—your lips? … Read More

Kohler Explores Chromotherapy

Kohler are developing the concept of water and light combining to provide a very soothing and calming showering experience. Each of the four heads has 54 nozzles that cascade water for a unique and relaxing experience that integrates chromatherapy. Chromotherapy, … Read More

Flying High and Happy

One airline is taking the Private Pampering Wave seriously. Virgin Atlantic Airways is treating passengers to something it calls “Airphoria” that delivers, in it words, “a truly unique flying experience for the increasingly frustrated and disappointed business traveler.” … Read More

What’s Good For Karl May Not Be Good For The Gander

Once thought to be a recession proof market Haute Couture is coming under fire. While some designers are attempting to reconcile their designs with the current economic realities, other designers, like crazy uncle Karl ( Karl Lagerfeld), are justifying their … Read More

Ipod Docking Stations and Flatscreen TV’s

Hospitals bill are expensive as is, but there’s no better time to pamper yourself then while bed-ridden, sick, hurt, and absolutely miserable. That’s why Sharp Health Care is opening a $195 million dollar acute-care tower at its Memorial Hospital campus … Read More

Latte: $5. Comfort: Priceless.

I don’t need it, I really shouldn’t, but I’m still worth it. Times may be tough, and it’s safe to say that most Americans have cut back and reevaluated at some point or another their necessities. But fortunately for some … Read More

Loomstate for Target: Sound Luxury

Private Pampering is sure to take on a new face in this economy. Will people still crave to be spoiled with items of luxury? Of Course! Will they be able to throw caution to the wind and throw money at … Read More